Moving to a new site

Hello everyone! I am sorry to inform you, but this is the last post I am going to make on this blog… because I have moved to a different site! From now on, my blog will be hosted on my university server, and you can find it here.

If you are interested in the reason of me moving the blog, it is mainly because once I have it hosted on an independent server (as opposed to, which I’ve been using until now), I am given a possibility to access all capabilities of WordPress, like full CSS customization and support of plugins (including, most importantly for me, MathJax).

All of the content from this blog has been moved to the new one and, to my knowledge, everything works perfectly fine except for the fact that hyperlinks in the textlinking to other posts redirect to this (old) blog [edit: done that, but turns out there are minor issues with MathJax which will be fixed soon [metaedit: done with that as well, but if you notice an issue, let me know!]]. This will be fixed soon, but unfortunately I have to do it by hand 😦

So let me stress again: this blog will no longer be updated and all new content will be available only on the new blog.

Thank you for your attention and see you there!


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